What You Need to Know When Applying Your Eye Makeup?

Eye MakeUp Tips:

Eye makeup, whether it is eyeliner, mascara or even eye shadow can be tricky to apply. Most women have problems with their eye makeup because that is the area that they focus on the most, mainly because most people will notice eye makeup before they notice the color of lipstick or blush that you are wearing. Knowing a few tricks to applying eye makeup can help ensure that you get your eye makeup perfect every time.

One thing that you need to think about when applying your eyeshadow is that many times flecks of color will fall off and land on your face, there is not really much you can do to prevent this from happening. The problem that this creates is that the flecks are almost impossible to clean up if you have already applied your foundation, especially if you have taken all that time to get your foundation just perfect.

If this happens more often than not, you might want to consider applying your eye shadow first because you will be able to clean up the flecks of color easier. If it only happens on occasion, your best chance of cleaning up the mess is by using a pair of tweezers to carefully grab each fleck of color.

Another problem that many women face when applying eye-shadow is that it actually falls onto the eyelashes where it is stuck in the mascara. If you happen to have oily skin this can be a real big problem because it ends up getting on your skin and smudging, which the smudge is impossible to remove. The best way to avoid this kind of smudging is to use a cotton swab with a small amount of makeup remover on it, you can also use a makeup wipe. To remove the excess eye shadow you want to gently run the cotton swab or makeup wipe over your eyelashes from the root to the tip of the eyelash.

One of the biggest problems that women run into when wearing eye shadow is that after a certain length of time it starts to fade, which means they have to go into the bathroom to touch it up. Rather than spending needless time touching up your eye shadow, which means you will also have to touch up the rest of your eye makeup you will want to use an eye shadow base. If you do not want to buy an eye shadow base your other alternative is using a vitamin E cream, but you want to make sure it is a high quality cream not a cheap cream.

Eye Makeup Techniques For All Occasions

There are a multitude of eye makeup techniques using just mascara alone, a rather versatile product every woman can use for changing their appearance. In addition to all of the colors like blacks, blues, browns, and grays, there are also clear and tinted mascaras for lengthening lashes without a lot of color.

When it comes to applying mascara, there are different eye makeup techniques to use depending on whether or not you are working with the upper or lower lashes. For the absolute best results with the lower lashes, hold the mascara wand so that the edge of the brush just touches the tips of the lashes of the lower lids using a sweeping, back and forth motion.

If you happen to have dark circles under the eyes, dark mascara on the lower lashes tends to emphasize the circles making them appear even darker, so you might want to use a lighter shade here, a clear color, or perhaps no mascara at all. And remember that wearing too much mascara too often can weaken the lashes causing them to either break or fall out completely.

When putting mascara on the upper lashes, try to apply it as close to the root of the lashes as possible to make them appear thicker and fuller. Allow mascara to dry for about 10 seconds or so before putting on another coat, and then with a tissue under the eyes, blink a few times so the excess ends up on the tissue and not on your cheeks. You should also save your old mascara wands then clean them and use as brushes for separating lashes or for applying a bit of petroleum jelly on the eyebrows for smoothing or for lengthening lashes without any color.

Different eye makeup techniques using liner, either liquid or in pencil form, can also instantly change your look from the subtle to the dramatic. Eye liner can actually make the lashes appear longer and the eyes appear bigger, more wide set, or farther apart depending on what’s desired. Always apply eye liner on the eyelid’s outer rim and never on the inner rim near the eye itself. Eye liner should also be used sparingly unless you are trying for a really noticeable look.

Using a variety of shadows you can quickly and easily change your look from barely noticeable to exotic with just a few different eye makeup techniques. Today there are even sets of eye shadows sold together in groups of shades intended for different eye colors, taking all of the guesswork out of trying to figure out which hues work best for you.

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