3 Easy Steps To A Super Sexy Smoky Eye

Eye MakeUp Tips:

In many circles I am known as the “smoky eye expert” and get called on regularly for my tips and advice on creating them with ease. I love the classic charcoal smudgy eye shadow look, but in reality it’s perfect for the runway, and if you’re an eye rubber you may not last through the night. For me, it’s all about a softer variation of a heavy smoky eye, especially for going out, or wearing during the day. The most important thing to remember when applying eye makeup is that less is more. Smoky eyes are all about layering the color to create depth, and give you a more finished and flattering look.

For doing a professional looking smoky eye on yourself, the three most important things to keep in mind when creating toned-down smoky eyes are:

1. Use soft shades: Choose a shadow in a taupe, slate, plum, or soft shimmer, and apply onto eyelids and lower lash line, Use a medium size eyeshadow brush for the eyelid, and underneath the eye. Next apply an eyeshadow in a contrasting color to the outer corners and into the crease. For example if you are wearing a plum shadow, your contrasting color might be a brown, or a slate shimmer.

It is also sometimes a pretty effect to apply a lighter shimmer in the center of the eyelid and blending slightly. It opens the eyes, and can be done day or night. For added drama you can add a black liner and apply it along the lashline. To finish your smoky eyes, apply a black or dark brown mascara. Two coats for added glamour. Focus on the outer lashes for an elongated effect.

2. It’s all about blending: The best smoky eyes are blended so that the color looks like it is going from one shade to another without any hard lines. To blend your shadow, using either a blender brush, or medium size eyeshadow brush, sweep along the edges of the shadow and back and forth until lines are softened. If wearing eyeliner you can sweep a brush over the liner to soften as well.

3. Don’t pile on tons of color at once: As I mentioned above, It is easier to build up the intensity as you go, than it is to scale back. There is nothing worse then having to remove color. Starting light, and adding more color until you achieve the desired effect is a good formula for success.

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